5 Best Known High-End Restaurants in Montreal

The city of Montreal has always been a popular destination for food lovers. Montreal has several well-established restaurants doing good business for decades. When traditional restaurants continue to spread their charm, there are few new ones which have come up with fresh ideas and doing excellent business in the present scene. In this article, you will come across some of the popular high-end restaurants in Montreal.

Le Club Chasse et Peche

The Le Club Chasse et Peche has been a long-time favorite among the food lovers. This is an all round restaurant which can be best picked pintxos for a comfortable and cool dining experience. The stellar styled dining brings you a pleasant experience which is worth every penny.

During summer, you can enjoy the beautiful terrace behind Chateau de Ramezay. This high-end Montreal restaurant is a combination of great talents. With good food and excellent service quality, Le Club Chasse et Peche has been artistically assembled to bring you the best each time. In business for more than 4 years now, Le Club Chasse et Peche seems more elegant, luxurious and sharp now serving guests all round the year.


Pintxo is another popular high-end restaurant in Montreal. Not that bustling but the place is a hip one and always exciting to visit. This is a Spanish restaurant which specializes in offering individual dishes which are made with a wonderful variety of high-end ingredients like shrimp, foie gras, beef, duck and more. It’s a haven for food lovers who want to check out some of the off-beat combination of flavors. Filled with interesting Spanish bottles, you can find out an extensive wine list in Pintxo.

Mas Cuisine

This chef-owned restaurant of Montreal is quite an impressive one. With modern and an elaborate range of food, you get to enjoy an appealing restaurant with less expensive menus. You get a great choice when it comes to choose food on a budget. This is what makes Mas Cuisine an appealing restaurant in Montreal offering less expensive food.


Get the best of innovative Italian fare at Restaurant Salute, Montreal. Choose among excellent risottos, pastas, seafood, fish, meats and salads. This is a great choice for a special dinner or a simple lunch on a weekday.

XO Le Restaurant

XO Le restaurant excels in fantastic service. Starting from ambiance, sound system to flavor and food presentation, be sure to fall in love with this place. If it’s about finding the high-end restaurants in Montreal, then XO Le Restaurants needs a special mention. This is a posh palace which is quite hard to beat. It is not only beautiful but food they serve is wonderfully inventive and fresh. Best local ingredients are used to create some of the most stunning plates which is rich is texture, color and different flavors.

Whatever may be your choice, Montreal restaurants always offer you the best in terms of quality, service and ambiance. Be sure to get the best out of the professional service each time you choose to visit a Montreal restaurant of any type!

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